Composer Producer Re-mixer Artist

DJ Rogue, composer, producer, musician and DJ

DJ Rogue works primarily with singers, rappers, musicians in all current popular genres including but not limited to Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40 Pop, Electronica, E.D.M, Dub Step, Drum & Bass, Reggae, Acoustic Pop and Rock Music.

He is currently involved in licensing songs to record labels, production companies and publishing companies. He always welcomes the prospect of working with artists.

He is available for session work as a Producer for artists and their teams and is based in the beautiful city of London, England.

He can also provide sessions for guitar work (electric and acoustic), bass guitar, DJ scratches and bespoke cuts.

A personal aim of DJ Rogue is to move the standards of popular music up to a new level of enjoyment.

He has been composing and producing professionally since 2002.

"I like to make people happy through my creative skills, whether it is the artist who needs music for their songs or for the public who need music for their ears".



• Pop
• Alternative
• R & B
• Hip Hop
• TV and Film
• TV commercials

Currently, he has a catalogue of over 500 Pop, R&B and Hip-hop songs that he has composed and produced since 2014.

"My main focus is composing and producing for the artists that I am currently working with and succeeding in getting them record deals when needed."