Composer Producer Re-mixer Artist

Musical Director

Roles undertaken as a Musical Director:

•Musically Directing for Live Performances
•Instructing band members on the structures of the songs
•Teaching band members how to play the riffs & patterns
•Playing live shows as guitarist / D.J.
•D.J miming (Album Chart Show, series 29, EP 4)
•Mixing / Mastering T.V / P.A Mixes
•Drum Replacement
•NKI File Remapping / Conversions
•Midi Matrix Editing
•Tempo & Sample Rate Conversions
•General Editing
•Coordinative with the label for the band / singer / management
•Organising lists of equipment needed by the band members for management to acquire on a per show basis
•Has worked on projects with Sony Music / Epic / Phonogenic.